Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Failure... :(

Well... I guess I failed...

If you read my post from last Thursday (March 31), I sort of wrote a big long speech about where i've been for the past year, and about how I'm going to try to be on my blog everyday and to write on my blog everyday.

I will tell you, YA... THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!
It's been a week (almost a week) since I told my readers this, and i did not happen... it's a mystery why I'm on today! :)
Ugggggggggggh (sigh)

Thursday, March 31, 2011


WOW... just like my title...

I haven't posted anything in a year!.. I'm sort of worried about myself... just kidding, i've been caught up in school, reading, swim, and friends... eating and sleeping... the usual :D. I guess- unlike my mother- I'm not exactly on my blog everyday... in fact, as I told you already, I haven't been on my blog in a year!
My blog doesn't have many visitors or comments, while my mom over here has lots of followers, lots of comments, and she has not only one blog... but 2! I CAN'T EVEN HANDLE 1!

Well, whoever does read my blog must be wondering how my life has been without my blog for a year... so now is your chance to know.

For starters, Last summer and the summer before, I went to a swimming camp at the University of Texas at Austin.... GO LONGHORNS!...and that camp is amazing... you get to meet olympians, go to three swimming sessions per day, dryland workouts, and you get to eat gross cafeteria food! So the possible swimmers that read my blog, if you are trying to find a camp to go to, but you don't want to stop swimming, I would definitely recommend Longhorns swim-camp.

Next, also last summer, I went to the beach, and well everyone knows the beach is probably the best, most relaxing place on earth so I will not have to elaborate on that. :D


For my 13th birthday in October, I got a gift card to pb teen (and for those who don't know what that is, well it is teenager furniture and room decor) and a gift card to swimoutlet.com (a swimsuit store)

Christmas was amazing for everyone of course, even though I didn't get what I really wanted... I still got things I loved but hadn't even thought about! :D

Now back around to March 31, 2010, here I am blogging to whoever reads my blog. I'm telling you that I will try to log on to my everyday... (or every other day). And those days I do log on... I will write something.. short or long.. I will do my best! And also if there is something you read from my (way) earlier posts and you would like to here about it, tell me in a comment and i will write about it!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

My day at dad's work

Today was bring your child to work day at L'Oreal U.S.A, which is where my dad works. Out of me and my 4 other sisters, only three of us got to go. Emily, my older sister, had a doctors appointment right when the event started. Catherine the 4 year old just isn't 5 yet, I guess 5 is when you can start to go.
Safety is one of the most important key factors at his work. We had to wear these smocks that are so big that even Santa Claus could be comfortable in it, and we also had to wear hairnets that didn't have enough elastic in them so they wouldn't stay on our heads. The last piece of protection gear that we wore was protection goggles (that were really yellow glasses).
We didn't wear all that ugly, out of fashion, safety equipment because we chose to, we had to wear it while we were having our tour. During our tour we got to see all the cool machines, and we got to make lip gloss. The only down side of the tour, for me, was that my back was hurting from standing up for almost 2 hours strait! Going to dad's work is a lot of fun, I wish bring your kid to work day was more than once a year.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BIG mistake...

Everyone has a time in his or her life when you do something for fun and then something happens to you. It’s at these times that you think back and ask yourself “why was I so stupid?” or “why was I talked into it!” or just “why did I even do that?”. I have definitely had moments like those where I made the situation worse.

One such occasion happened one day just like any other. I woke up, I ate breakfast, went to school, and went to swim practice. These are things I do everyday. However this is when a foolish decision had some big consequences.

Amanda and I were on the exercise machines right outside the door to the pool. It was definitely fun, until she told me to try something new. She did the trick perfectly; however I thought I could do I better. I thought to my self “ How hard can it be to jump off the stair-stepping machine backwards?” It was but a minute that she told me that it was almost time for practice to start, so she went inside to the pool area, but I really wanted to try the trick, so I stayed out with the exercise machines.

The stair-stepping machine by far was the most exciting exercising machine I had been on. I practiced on the machine before deciding to go forth with my trick. The stairs were moving up as I stepped onto the machine. Then just like Amanda had done, I jumped off backwards. As I soared through the air, it felt like I was doing better than her, until I hit the ground. As the ground and I smacked each other, my wrist made a loud snapping noise. This is when the pain rushed in.

Quickly I picked myself up and went into the pool area, where all of my friends were. My arm started to burn with pain; I didn’t think I could swim. As soon as I walked through the doors to the pool I ran into my friend Jordan’s grandmother. Who seemed to noticed how I was holding my arm, and that I was crying. She came up to me, asked me “what is wrong?”, I said in reply “I hurt my arm” this is when she asked for my moms cell phone number. I immediately gave it to her. Jordan’s grandmother called my mom who proceeded to get to the pool in about ten minutes.

When I stepped into the car I had a huge bag of ice on my swollen arm. Mom looked at my red swollen arm, but wasn’t sure if it was just bruised or broken. Unsure, we drove home

When my dad arrived home from work, he came to the room I had been sitting in since getting home from the pool. He asked me if I thought I had to go to the hospital, but I said “I don’t know, but it does hurt really bad, and I can’t move it”, so I told him “Yeah I think I have to go get it checked” So dad and I got into the car.

On the drive to the hospital, Dad and I talked about how I hurt my arm. I didn’t want to tell him the truth because I thought he might get mad at me for being on the exercise machines. I was only nine years old! So instead, I lied. I told him a lady had pushed me down, but didn’t really mean to. The lady I was telling him about was the first to talk to me after I fell. The conversation wasn’t long, really all she said to me was “Are you okay”, I replied, “yes I’m fine!”, WHY DID I SAY YES?

At the hospital, while my dad was getting all of my information into the computer system, a nurse working in the lobby asked me to sit down with her. She showed me flash cards with pictures on them, they symbolized how my arm made me feel. She told me to pick the card that matched how I felt. I picked the one with the crying person on it. X-rays were the next part of my visit to the hospital. This part was probably the most painful of the whole day. I couldn’t move my arm, and in order to get my x-rays done, I had to twist my arm a lot!

After the x-rays, I was put into a little bed in a small room, with a curtain as a door. When the doctor came in he told my dad and I that I had fractured my wrist. So I had to wear these braces on my arm until it was time to get a cast. After that dad and I went to the car and I slept on the car ride home.

The next day was pretty hard seeing that I couldn’t do anything with my arm, I couldn’t even wiggle my fingers! I told everyone at school the same lie I told my dad. It made me feel very guilty. That night my dad came home from work a little late because he had stopped by the pool. He told me he wanted to talk to me in my room… ALONE. So I went up to my room and he asked me if my arm was feeling better. I said “No not really”. That’s when the conversation led to tears. He told me that he stopped at the pool because he wanted to talk to the lady that works there. She stated that there are video cameras in the area I was in, and she had reviewed the video. I knew I was BUSTED! He then told me what the video really showed I was caught in a lie. I felt bad, and my dad was very disappointed.

At the end of the conversation we hugged and dad told me he was very upset with me, more because I was dishonest. I learned a great lesson that night. Now I know that if I lie the truth will always be revealed. My parents always have a way of finding out. I wonder if there are video cameras in the house? Best to always tell the truth!

- Karin Schienvar

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I think this is almost the best/coolest news I have EVER heard!

My cousin, the guy in the picture above.... IS

Going to.....

Be in.....


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Becky!:D

This is my little sister Becky, CORRECTION : this is "one" of my little sisters. She is cute and funny, but she can be very annoying. In this post, I'm going to be typing about her humor.
Apparently, a family from England has recently moved in, and the children are going to the same school as my sisters. One of them apparently is in 2nd grade; in my sister Becky's class.

So yesterday, Becky had been paying close attention to this British boy, and when she came home off the bus and told us about him. We said that was very fascinating. Her reply was..... "actually mom, he's not very smart and he doesn't like to talk, and the worst thing is, is that he doesn't even know the Pledge Of Allegiance!"

When Becky told us that, my sister Emily and I laughed a lot, then Becky curiously said... "WHAT?"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Its Time For Bed!

Persuasive Writing For Homeschool:
Dear Mom and Dad,

I know that both of you are very smart, and that there is no reason why I should try to persuade you. Except for this reason.

I think my bed time is just right; I like it a lot. I like it so much because I get just the right amount of sleep, to where I'm not tired in the morning... except for the part when I wake up. I'm not good at waking up, as you know, but after I'm done getting out of bed, I'm not at all tired. Although I think most people are still a little bit tired after they wake up.

In the morning, when I see Emily (my older sister) all grumpy and moody, I think about how great it is to have my bed time. I think about that MOSTLY at night when no one wants to be by Emily because she can get super moody. That's something we've all experienced in my house.

So, Mom and Dad, thank you for setting up my bedtime. This letter was to try to ~persuade~ you to NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, change my bed time. I like 9:30pm... it works for me.

Good Night!
Love, Karin